About Me

Born in New Orleans, raised in St. Louis by a Filipino father and a Southern Missouri mother, my dinner table was anything but boring.

My multi-cultural background infused my life with a passion for being in the kitchen. Picture this: my Thanksgiving plate as a kid came with traditional turkey, rice and the occasional chicken curry from an international student that was studying at Washington University via invite from my dad thanks to his job. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fast forward to today, I live and eat as a “flexitarian,” which is mostly a plant-based diet with a sprinkle of meat every so often—mainly because my brother decided to go vegan a while back and further led to being a norm for my family.

I am educated in journalism and photojournalism, which is what I do for my “big girl” job. If you’re living in the ‘Lou, you may recognize me from my food writing and photography from time to time over at Feast Magazine or ALIVE Magazine.

But wait, what’s halo-halo?

I know, it’s strange to name my blog something unfamiliar to most, unless you’re Filipino or know us Pacific Islanders. It’s a traditional Filipino dessert that literally translates to “mix-mix” in their national language, Tagalog, and pronounced like “hallow-hallow” and not like the Beyoncé song. Basically, it’s a super sweet snow cone but with syrup-coated coconut, beans and more.

So there you have it, that “mix-mix” is what I aim to share with you here: a culinary journey of the visual and verbal ramblings through food I eat in St. Louis, while traveling and whatever’s cooking in my kitchen—which will likely be vegetarian and vegan versions of my favorite eats.

Kain na!
(“We eat” in Tagalog)