Get your Halo-Halo on at Guerrilla Street Food

Get your Halo-Halo on at Guerrilla Street Food

I’m convinced St. Louis summers can be just as hot and humid as July in the Philippines. Believe me, I’ve been to Manila twice at this time of year and my hair was equally as giant and frizzy there as it is right now.

But enough about my hair — let’s talk halo-halo! Obviously if you’re on this page, you know my history with my favorite Filipino sweet treat gave me this blog’s namesake. But now, friends, you can enjoy this glorified snow cone in all it’s glory right in St. Louis at Guerrilla Street Food. As if I wasn’t already proud to have Filipino food making a permanent home in STL, this is quite the icing on the cake—or ube ice cream atop halo-halo in this case.

I got to chat with chef-owner Brian Hardesty on their inspiration to bringing halo-halo to their newest brick-and-mortar location in the Delmar Loop for Feast Magazine. I may have been a little over-enthused to brag about my history and love for my the food of my heritage and this amazing dessert filled with random sugary syrup-coated beans, coconut and evaporated milk—he seemed just as happy to have it as an offering as well. Since he’s been to the homeland with his Filipino-blooded co-owner Joel Crespo, he told me they decided on the “create your own adventure” route with the dessert since there are literally hundreds of ways to enjoy it.

The base of the halo-halo is $3 and comes with the usual shaved ice, condensed milk and evaporated milk before topped with homemade ice cream in a Filipino flavor—which is currently ube, a sweet purple yam (but will likely change to some other fun flavors like corn or queso!). The rest is up to you to decide with more than 12 add-ins like nata de coco (aka coconut gel and my fave!), leche flan, macapuno, red beans, garbanzos and more!

As much as I love having my own halo-halo parties, I am so thrilled that you can avoid buying like 12 jars of ingredients and shaving a ton of ice and instead have Guerrilla Street make it for you! You won’t regret getting this over a snow cone. Go now!

Photos and story created for Feast Magazine

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